Let’s Hope Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice

In the last few weeks, probably during the last thunderstom there was a lightning strike to a tree at the rear of Pennybridge Hut resulting in one of the branches exploding from the tree and hanging precariously on the railway bank. It meant that there was a remote but potential diffciulty should then branch roll down the bank onto the track so Andy and James, Stage Manager and Chief Electrician respectively, contacted Network Rail to let them know. Within an hour they arrived and assessed the risk deciding to return first thing the following morning to chop down the tree and make the branches and the whole area safe. Unwittingly the Irishman Risk assessor actually gave us a pantomime joke because the arrangement was for “tree fellers” to come and sort out the problem when, in fact, they actually sent four!!


A Job Well Done

Network Rail subsequently attended and chopped down the tree to reveal a gap in the undergrowth and a hole in the fence which they then fixed. Great job and very quick and impressive. If you are travelling down the bit of railway line between Flixton and Chassen Road then you can be safe in the knowledge that members of UMT have saved the day by alerting the powers that be to the dangers of lightning strike fallen tree bits.


~ by UMT Stage on May 17, 2011.

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