Enquiry from ITV

This is a message from Sarah Ledbury at ITV:

“I’m working on a new pilot show (not for broadcast) at ITV and we are looking for contributors to take part. Basically it is a new dating/ property show and I’m looking for single men between the ages of 30 – 55 who want to take part. We have cast the woman and are currently looking for the men who will take part.

The show will focus on one lady who will visit 3 homes and go on a house tour of each home. She won’t meet the men (potential dates) until the end of the show but must choose a date from what she can gleam about their personalities through the house tours.  We will be filming in the Blackburn/ Bolton/Wigan kind of area and I wondered if you knew if any men who fit the bill and who might like to take part.

I’ve attached a flyer for you and if you do know of anyone who might be interested then they can contact me directly on 07824 528 191.

It will be a fun and light hearted experience and any help you can give would be appreciated.”

Over to You

There you have the information and good luck if you decide to use it. Maybe one day we’ll see you on telly


~ by UMT Stage on May 17, 2011.

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