And so to the week-end

Off With Her Head!!

Alice the Musical is drawing to a close. By popular demand I have placed three of the best pictures on the blog.

Anyone for Croquet?

Another great show and successful week for the junior members of the Urmston Musical Theatre. We really have some talent in our society. The reviews of the show have been very positive which is great as I know the cast have worked very hard to get this show to be as good as it has. Behind the scenes there were simply too many people to thank indivdiually but, as I like a challenge, here goes.

The Court Scene

Thanks to Jane, Anita, John, Janet, Alan, Jan, Angela, Nicky, Nicky, Andrew, Mel, Matt, James, Rick, Paul, Adam and his poorly thumb (saw it on facebook, eeeugh!), Sally, Laura, Yvonne, Lisa, Jo, Gordon, Betty, Sarah, Kate, Sheila, John, Duncan, Stewart, Andrea, Daniel, Leon, Jeanette, Jean, Kathryn, Judy, Steph, Aidan. If there is anyone I have missed just message me. As you can see, it is not a small task to put on one of these shows.

The UMT Committee are most grateful for all your assistance.

If you like the pictures then you have a couple of chances to get to see the show. That is tonight (Friday) and tomorrow afternoon. After that we resort to the world famous UMT Get-Out. Just ring 0161 408 1288 or simply turn up and pay on the door. I am sure we can accommodate you.


~ by UMT Stage on May 13, 2011.

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