Nail Biting Time

I want my iPad 2!

The last 7 or so days have been extremely nail biting for yours truly as I have been waiting for a gadget to be delivered to my house. Not an ordinary gadget you might wonder but an iPad 2. The process of ordering such an item from the online Apple Store is challenging, not in the sense that placing the order is difficult. It’s not. It is simple to dispose of your hard earned cash to Apple. The difficult bit is getting the product you have ordered delivered to your house.

Now, I need to outline that when I ordered I was told that the delivery date would be 1 to 2 weeks away and we are still not near the 2 week mark. The frustration stems from the fact that Apple keep sending me emails about my order telling me that the iPad is ordered and that it will be delivered. Each email from Apple raises my fluttering heart just a little only to crestfall back down again when I realise that there is still no change and the coveted iPad will be with me when it is with me!!

A Royal Invitation to you...

So what has this to do with UMT. Well, in my nervous excitement at the thought of having a new gadget to play with I suspect that a similar nervous excitement will now be befalling the cast of Alice the Musical. I witnessed the full rehearsal on Wednesday and thought it was fantastic. Even the hard bit ( I won’t spoil the plot) was brilliant and showed just how hard the cast had worked. I was going to give you some details of some “watch it moments” but I will leave them up to you as there are too many to list in this short blog, written just before we embark on the world famous “UMT Get In” at St Antony’s Catholic College. I know that the cast will now start feeling the nerves. Younger members do not get nervous like some of us “old giffers” but I suspect there energy comes from the buzz of being on stage.

This really is a show you should not miss and my hat goes off the the production team for their input to the youngsters. Make a date of it an come and see the stars of the future. If you want tickets then visit or simply ring 0161 408 1288 and leave me a message and a return telephone number. After the equipment lumping of the get in I always attend to any outstanding orders.

Support your local theatre!


~ by UMT Stage on May 7, 2011.

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