The UMT Annual General Meeting takes places on Tuesday the 26th April 2011 at the Urmston Cricket Club. Hopefully we will get a decent turn out to deal with the business at hand. Otherwise April is an extremely quiet month for news and information as you can only write about Alice the Musical so many times before I turn you all off. By the way, have I mentioned that tickets are on sale now and are selling? If you don’t order yours soon, you may not get in or you may end up sitting at the back of the theatre. Maybe I have mentioned it, I can’t remember. 0161 408 1288 is the telephone number.

Anyway, back to the AGM. 2011 is our centenary year. We were formed in 1911 although our first show was not until 2012 so I will probably be posting pretty much the same information this time next year when I talk about our 100th year show. To celebrate this occasion we are going to have a birthday bash in December at Flixton Golf Course. Numbers are limited so, if you want to go, you need to get in touch with us pretty quickly. At the moment we are looking to have a sit down meal type function which will change, if we get close to over subscription, into a buffet type dancy function. No doubt there will be a bit of singing and drama, after all that’s what we do best.


~ by UMT Stage on April 24, 2011.

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