We’ll Call You

This could be a typical UMT audition queue if we had this number of people wanting to audition

As it happens one of the two audition dates has passed for the Oliver show. Last Sunday saw all the auditions for Fagin‘s Gang and the workhouse kids together with those for Oliver, Dodger and a few other roles. It also saw a few adults who are unable to make this Sunday (10th April 2011) perform their own auditions. I have to say that the audition waiting room was rockin’ with all the junior members waiting and sometimes practising together before they went to face the panel. I know that there were some proud parents of prospective new members who heard their charges sing for the first time with any gusto and were clearly moved by the experience. Got to admit that I tried to recruit a few for the adult chorus. Let’s wait and see.

This Sunday sees the turn of the adult auditions so the Unitarian Church on Queens Road will be a hive of activity whilst decisions are made as to who gets what in our centenary year main show. Although we formed in 1911 our first show was actually in 1912. Have I told you that we are 100 years old this year? Of course I have because it is a fantastic achievement for us and one which we should be rightly proud of. We even have a picture of the cast for that very first performance of HMS Pinafore:

The Urmston Amateur Operatic Society circa 1911

What is very noticeable about the cast is the fact that it is awash with men. A rare commodity in the field of amateur theatre. We are almost always short of blokes who are prepared to stand on stage and perform. We joke that the requirements of an audition for a male chorus member are that he can breathe unaided to be allowed in is sometimes quite close to the mark. If you fancy having a go then come along and just do one show with us. Mondays are normally the rehearsal night with a few Wednesdays as the show gets closer and then a number of Sundays during September/October. Rehearsals are normally at Urmston Cricket Club or the Unitarian Church and we would never ask you to do something you weren’t comfortable with. It can be great fun and we often perform to nightly crowds of between 300 and 400 people. Either ring Jane on 07815 703613 or email secretary@umt.org.uk. Good Luck to all of you who have chosen to put yourself through this process. I know how you are feeling.

Alice The Musical

A quick final point about Alice the Musical. Went to a rehearsal for the show last night and the kids were great. The show is funny and has new music. It would be a shame for our stars of the future to not have a massive and appreciative audience to perform to. I hope to have the ticket website up and running at www.umt.org.uk very soon but if you want to pre-order tickets I can take those orders and put them on a list to deal with when I get the tickets delivered, which should be very soon. Ring 0161 408 1288 to place you order or email to umttickets@umt.org.uk. I can take online payments and also payments over the telephone by credit or debit card.

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~ by UMT Stage on April 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “We’ll Call You”

  1. Hi, I am interested in coming and lending a hand with the preparation for your show. I am local and have some small experience in set construction. I tried the link at the bottom of the ‘backstage’ page but the e-mail got rejected. Can you please let me know when you are next meeting so hopefully I can come along and say hello.


  2. Hi Neal, Hopefully you should have received an email. If not just get ring 0161 408 1288 or email again to webby@umt.org.uk and I will get the stage manager to speak to you.

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