Forward Planning

Ozzy Osbourne as he might look if he auditioned for Fagin in UMT's production of Oliver, October 2011.

The Get Together has now been concluded and the throngs, nay hordes, of budding Nancy’s, Fagin’s et al have been sent on their merry way, song sheet and lib in hand. If you haven’t received your audition piece yet then you need to send a message to Jane using the email address otherwise you might miss out. For the record I fancy having a go at Fagin but I am in my Indo-Welsh accent phase at the moment with the occasional slip into some stereotypical Black Country Brummie. A bit like you might expect Ozzy Osbourne to sound. Nightmare! Plenty of work to be getting on with. I am sure the show will be a great success and I have had a number of people come up to me expressing their wish to come and see us perform even at this early stage.

The Set Build

The Beginning of the Bacon and Sausage Miracle

Once the auditions are out of the way we will then be embarking upon a set build for the show which will mirror a previous set design used professionally and also by UMT (when we were UAOS) when performing Oliver at the Curzon. This is a revolving stage already design on a couple of scrap A4 sheets and, no doubt, to be tested to oblivion during the construction phase. If you are a bit of a builder /joiner type then you may be interested in coming to Pennybridge to lend a hand. It is good fun and you will be supplied with copious amounts of bacon, sausage and egg barm cakes or even pasties and several hot cups of tea or coffee to taste. The revolving stage will be a mandraulic powered stage and will make use of many of the bits of the Beauty and the Beast set so there will be an amount of painting required to be done if there are any ladies who fancy taking on that task. Either way lets hope it is as fun as the last set build and just as successful.


~ by UMT Stage on March 22, 2011.

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