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The Urmston Musical Theatre are renowned for their attention to details and their grand stage designs when it comes to performing our main shows. It has long been a difficulty when deciding to stage a show whether we hire a custom built set, get someone else to make it or we build it ourselves. In reality the two major factors are cost and time. The next UMT main show in October 2011 will be Oliver. The Get Together and auditions will take place in the next few weeks. The details will be posted on the website, the facebook page and on here. The cost of hiring a stage set for Oliver will be in the region of £1400 but then on top of that we would be charged a “per mile” levy for transport of the equipment to the theatre for the show. As the two most likely hire places are in Southern Scotland and South Wales, you can see how the expense builds up. In fact, it normally doubles the price of the hire because the mileage charge includes two return trips. Other hire places include Exeter and Newcastle.

There are closer set hire firms but, due to the size of the UMT stage, they are not always suitable. The UMT Stage is massive compared to other stages and very tall. Anyway, most of the local societies have already used the local sets half a dozen times so we want to have something new and fresh. This leads on to someone else building a set for us. There are half a dozen companies or other amateur theatres who offer this type of service. The price of a build would be consistent with the cost to hire a set, probably a little more but you get to keep it. If you can store it then it becomes something that you can use again or even hire out yourself.


A Quaint Olive Revolving Stage (but we can do better)


However, if another society can build it, then why can’t we. Once a plan has been decided upon, if we get half a dozen willing helpers to come and cut some wood, screw bits together then all that is needed is a lick of paint and you have a purpose built set which is unique. I mention this because we built our last set for Beauty and the Beast. It was a massive effort and it was documented on this blog during the early posts. The feedback we got for the set was immense. Shortly after the show I was attending another show at another venue when a man who I knew but had never spoken to before came to me to praise the set in BATB. He thought the levels of it were superb and added to the overall spectacle of the show.

Let us know what you think by submitting a comment. It is easier than you think.


~ by UMT Stage on February 27, 2011.

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