Day 2. Saturday is Derby Day.

9.30am: We move to day 2 of the Get In. Tired and aching bodies are now dragged out of bed to attend the Poolside Theatre. I call it this because it resembles a theatre more than it does a sports hall. Loads to do but hopefully there will be plenty there to do it. Need to sort out a few more ticket orders before I go down but I will be reporting live from the venue very soon. Some of the back stage crew have been there since 8.30am.

By the way, if you can get down for about 12 noon we have a reporter coming from the Stretford and Urmston Advertiser to take some photographs. Bring your costume.

11.00am: Quick sausage and bacon sarny goes down a treat. No brown sauce though. All washed down with a bottle of  7 up. All the above is a healthy option dietary necessity of the average back stage operative.

11.30am: First load from Pennybridge. Overnight rain helped to add a further inch of mud to the car park. Loaded with some extra flats, tables props and make-up.

12.45pm: Van now returned to hire company. No problems Back to Poolside theatre for a quick brew and check on ticket status. Stretford and Urmston Advertiser present taking some publicity cast shots in costume. Who was the back end of the cow?

Eat all your dinner up, mate

1.20pm: I find a  willing helper having his dinner with his mummy.

1.27pm: Man United take the lead much to the pleasure of the back stage crew.  Most of the lighting now in the roof. Legs being hung from the bars using the Zargee ladders. The building is now a hive of activity with loads of noise and banging as the raised seating is being populated with seats. We are several hundred seats short which we now need to find.

1.49pm: Smell of fish and chips wafts in from the auditorium and it smells delicious. How long before we need to eat again. Probably quite a few hours yet. 2nd half to start very soon.

3pm: Game over. United won. CAn get back to work and concentrate now. Still loads to do. Adam despatched to get some fish and chips from Whittaker’s chippy which, of course, belongs to his mum and dad.

3.25pm: Adam returns with the food and we get stuck in. Delicious.

4pm: A strange cow arrives to lend a hand! Look it’s Daisy the Cow come to lend a hand or a hoof, actually.

5pm: Legs now all erected. Working on the tabs and the cloths. How come the tabs are always either two foot long or two foot short. Up the scaffold again to adjust the length. Very hard work.

6pm: Cyclarama cloth and pulleys roped and in working order.

8pm: Hometime. Very tired. Now in need of a curry take away and Match of the Day.


~ by UMT Stage on February 12, 2011.

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