The World Famous UMT Get In

10.30am: The time has arrived and the get in is upon us. Final checks of hard hats and gloves, if appropriate, are being made. Driving documents being searched for in order to hire the van. Hearty food sustenance being prepared and eaten for the long day ahead. It is made more exciting as this will be a roving report into a full get in. Three days of hard graft, loud music, laughter and aching muscles. There may be the odd cup of tea and the odd pint of beer but we have to transform and large rectangular sports hall into the Poolside Theatre. Leave a comment of encouragement if you wish. It can be done relatively anonymously if you wish.

Check back to see how it unfolds and to receive regular updates.

Hard Hats and Gloves

10.50: incredibly a test update from my iPhone to see if it works. And it does. How exciting.

12.14pm: now having major tantrum as I can’t find the paper of my driving licence to hire van. Thing is I remember putting it away thinking that I need to remember the place where I put it!

1.17pm: Paper part of the driving licence now found. Apparently it had been tidied away. I can now hire the van without problems

Spot the stagehand

2.00pm: Pennybridge and meet the team who have set aside the equipment which needs to be brought by the van trips. Decide to have a brew. First cup of tea of the day after putting load number 1 in the van. Bit short handed hopefully others will come soon.

4.17pm: load number 1 delivered. Number 2 being loaded

5.04pm: 2nd load delivered and unloaded. Quick brew at Pennybridge. Then load number 3. Need help at sports centre. Kentucky anticipated soon

Load number 1

5.55pm: Loads 3 and 4 have now been delivered. 2nd Urmston scouts have arrived and begin the raised seating.

Stage nearing completion

6.15pm: All the heavy work now completed between Pennybridge and the Sports Centre and the build inside the sports hall commences. The stage is almost built and the raised seating now coming along. Even the choreographer manages to get stuck in. Well done, Becky. Two Kentucky buckets arrive and everything stops.

6.45pm: Kentucky now eaten and a couple of drinks of coke give a new lease of life to the backstage team. ATC now in attendance. Experts at completing the raised seating. Good to watch the military fashion they put the seating up. Lighting bars now able to be lowered and the lighting hung and patched in. Getting there.

8.00pm: Scaffold being erected to the PASMA specification under the expert tutelage of the three PASMA trained experts. Of course, there is a difference of opinion which is demcratically sorted. Lighting now being erected front of stage now we have scaffold.

9.00pm: Final touches to the raised seating. The ATC are brilliant. They just get on with the job and it all seems to go together. It is fantastic that they offer their support to the theatre.

9.30pm: Stop for a brew and a chat with Paul. He is keeping eye on the cloths and making sure everyone is doing their job.

10.05pm: Return home. Still a few goings on at the Sports Centre. Completely exhausted and aching all over. Looking forward to a hot shower and a brew.

10.15pm: A quick note. The Stretford and Urmston Advertiser is coming to the theatre tomorrow at about 12 noon to take some publicity shots. It would be great if we had a few people there in costume so the photographer can get some good pictures. The more the merrier.

10.32pm: Last post of the evening before we resume tomorrow. Now sorting out the online ticket orders and answerphone messages for an early call tomorrow. Now where is that hot shower. Good night all.


~ by UMT Stage on February 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “The World Famous UMT Get In”

  1. Good luck guys and gals. I know how hard it is for you. Might come down and lose a few fingers myself.

  2. Just got to say it has made me feel tired reading it. Must have been hard work for you all.

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