The World Famous UMT Get In

Look for the UMT Paragraph

The World Famous Urmston Musical Theatre Get In is almost upon us. Rumour has it that it was mentioned in the Magna Carta, somewhere underneath the bit about Flixton and it “spake of untold toil and workmanship akin to a good hard graft.” If you want to see what it entails then you need to be at the Urmston Leisure Centre at about 3 O Clock tomorrow or even at Pennybridge for about 2 O Clock when the delivery, loading, erecting and carrying all starts. All the equipment needs to be loaded on to a 7.5 tonne and brought to the venue. It is to turn the large sports hall into a major theatrical venue where we will perform Jack and the Beanstalk next week between Tuesday and Saturday.

Don’t worry if you aren’t qualified as we will find a task which you can do and we will ensure that you also learn and get a few cups of tea into the bargain. It can be hard work but very enjoyable.

This show, new technology, in the form of my iPhone, will be used to blog as the get in takes place. Keep coming back to see how it all comes together and operates. If you don’t want to miss anything then make sure you subscribe and feel free to comment or ask questions.

So be a part of ground breaking technology of the information age and see if you can get you mugshot on the blog. Don’t forgot you will be going down in history.


~ by UMT Stage on February 10, 2011.

One Response to “The World Famous UMT Get In”

  1. […] as there are too many to list in this short blog, written just before we embark on the world famous “UMT Get In” at St Antony’s Catholic College. I know that the cast will now start feeling the nerves. […]

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