The Final Push

The week before the show has now arrived and plans are afoot to move into top gear in preparation for next week. What does it take to put a show on at the Poolside Theatre? Well it takes about 30 hours of graft for a number of people just to put a stage and the lighting up. A van is hired to transport all the required equipment from Pennybridge into the sports hall at Urmston Leisure Centre. Half a dozen loads of heavy equipment will be transported whilst the stage is being erected.

Effective but easy-peasy

The lighting is then hung in the roof and placed on the bars in accordance with the lighting plan supplied by the Lighting Technicians. All the cloth legs are brought and hung together with the big house tabs and the scenic tabs whether owned by us or hired. All the wiring has to be put in and checked that it works not fogetting the UV lamps and the special effect explosions. Then we have to transport the scenery and store it.

We always get great assistance from the Local Flixton ATC who help us erect our raised seating section and this year we hope to have some further assistance from a local scout group but I am not sure which one.

Then the technical bit starts in that all the lights have to be focussed on to the area where they are required to light. Spotlight scaffolds have to be built and the spotlights erected. Seats put out, numbered and secured. Programmes printed. Lighty up toys purchased and displayed.

The list is endless. Oh well, here’s to another fabulous pantomime production from UMT.


~ by UMT Stage on February 7, 2011.

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