The Mystery of the Golden Eggs

The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Golden Eggs

The Goose lays Golden Eggs – We have seen them.  One minute they were there the next they had gone. Removed from the props room safe storage into the light they have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.  Has anyone seen the mysterious Golden Egg Gobbler.  Essential Jack and the Beanstalk commodities have been filched from under our noses.   Is it you because  I didn’t do it?

At least I don’t think so.

The old memory is not what it was. It could have been anyone who lurks in the backwoods of Pennybridge. Bill, John and Doreen all deny all knowledge of the theft.  Who else could it have been?  Perhaps they have rolled under the staging units!  Or have we had the stray fox who lives in the vicinity mistaking the eggs for the real McCoy. Conspiracy theories abound about the “lines of lay” which converge at Pennybridge making it a centre of excellence for all things theatrical. Concentrating the power of the universe into the confined area of pennybridge hut. A little wobble in the fabric of the universe and perhaps they are now appearing in a parallel universe. This is a total mystery, Gaudy the Goose will have to get to work laying some more – or else Jack and the beanstalk will fall under a big shadow.

Or possibly the ghost of some forlorn actor who wishes to have one last hurrah treading the boards of a famous UMT panto has spirited away the prized possessions. Any information leading to the discovery and eventual appearance of these eggs will be rewarded with a great show. If it is you Mr (or Mrs) Ghost then you should present yourself to the Poolside Theatre, Bowfell Road, Urmston, Manchester, together with the eggs, commencing Tuesday 15th February 2011 at 7.30pm. Then each night until Friday the 18th February 2011 followed by two Saturday matinees at 12 noon and 4pm. Now wouldn’t that be a fantastic special effect.

The Police have been informed!!!!!



~ by UMT Stage on January 30, 2011.

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