The Posters and the Postee.

Cheesy Grin

There hasn’t been a post recently, partly because, other than the rehearsals for our forthcoming magnificent panto there is not much going on. Or so it would seem. Our brilliant show, Beauty and the Beast is still receiving accolades and now that I am selling tickets for Jack and the Beanstalk I am getting to speak to some of the clientelle who came to watch. Many of the comments have so far ranged from the best show they have seen UMT do to it was as good as anything you would see in London. My own disappointment was that we only did 6 shows as I could easily have done 106, all with a cheesy grin on my face.

Anyhow, behind the scenes we have now had the get together for the next Junior Show which is Alice the Musical. 30+ hopefuls turned up to find out the information about the show and take away their own copy of the script in order to try out for a part. Some new faces also came and there are several who have had the pieces emailed to them. As I say to them, it’s all about a bit of confidence even though you may be scared to death inside. Auditions will be held in a couple of weeks followed by the show in May. Good Luck to you all.

Tickets are selling well for the JATB pantomime both through the ticketline and online at and now that the posters have gone out I expect the ticket line to ring off the hook. Remember all seats are now booked so you can secure where you want to sit right now.


Following very closely behind we are  about to have the get together for the October show which is Oliver! This show will also require a significant number of young persons to play the workhouse mob and Fagin’s gang and we obviously need a couple of lads to play Oliver and Dodger. This show is going to be special because we will try and build the scenery again. Plenty of bacon and sausage sandwiches will be required if we are able to pull the feat off again along with a substantial number of hours spent at Pennybridge. Still a bit cold now but it won’t be long before the light nights come around and we get stuck in. If you fancy getting stuck in the don’t hesitate to come along or give us a call.

2011 is our centenary year although 2012 is out centenary show. The UMT was formed in 1911 and performed their first show in 1912, HMS Pinafore. So here goes two years of centenary celebrations.


~ by UMT Stage on January 22, 2011.

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