Exciting Times II

Another bout of exciting news awaits. This time it is to announce hte production team for some of our forthcoming shows. The next Junior show with be Alice which is a musical based on the story Alice Through the Looking Glass or Alice in Wonderland . This will be directed by Emma Darsley, with Musical Direction by Deborah Holmes and Choreography by Leanne Hobbs. Look out for a get together in mid January with auditions likely to be late January or early February. his is a new show so I cannot give anyone a heads up about the music. All I can say is that it is very good and it will be another fantastic show.


Mark Lester and Jack Wilde as we would have expected them to look if they came to audition for UMT's 2011 Oliver show.

Almost immediately following hot on their heels is the production team for the main show which is Oliver in October 2011. This sees the return of Alan Titley who has directed and performed with the Urmston Musical Theatre in the past, together with Debbie Holmes as Musical Director and Sally Wilde as Choreographer. Now I think that everyone knows the music to Oliver. We are going to need a number of young children to play the orphans in the workhouse and also Fagin’s gang. The type of youngster suited to this role would be able to sing with confidence, be able to move/dance a little and not to be shy or retiring. If you fit the bill then keep an eye out for a get together and audition which may be as early as March or April.The advantage of Oliver is that you can get the music on You Tube or from an iTunes download and learn it before audition. If you are good enough then think about the roles of Oliver, Dodger and Charlie themselves as well as some of the other one liners the kids in the gang perform. A typical audition would entail you singing to a panel with confidence and if you have lines, doing it without reading from the script and trying to convince the panel that you are actually that person!


I am still getting pre-orders for tickets for this show although I await delivery of the tickets. No problem but it means that you might need to ring earlier to secure your tickets and your favourite seat. Don’t delay call 0161 408 1288 today.


~ by UMT Stage on December 19, 2010.

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