It’s nearly Christmas.

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Yes, it is nearly Christmas and a time for when the UMT website kicks into gear. Often people ask me why we have links to Amazon, QVC and Screwfix on the website. The simple fact is that they earn money for the Urmston Musical Theatre. Simply by clicking one of the images when you visit the website and then make a purchase earns your favourite Musical Theatre a small commission. Of course, lots of small commissions add up too a big commission. For example, if you all spent your Chrimbo money on iTunes downloads then open up the iTunes from the UMT website. The iTunes looks exactly the same because it is the same only you have a little cookie which tells iTunes to send us 4% of any purchase you make. At no extra cost to you.

Take That as they might have looked if they had auditioned for any of the roles in the 1995 UMT Junior Production of Henry, the Tudor Dude

Anyway, that is my marketing and commerce out of the way, back to good old behind the UMT scenes. Believe it or not but we are still deliberating over the next junior show due to licensing difficulties. We have been on to the Rights Holders Samuel French and Weinbergers to find out the current junior productions so we should have an answer soon. Together with full production details and get together and audition dates. There has been quite a bit of interest so don’t delay and make sure you practice your singing and learn your scripts. The best auditions are those who think a little about what the part is supposed to be and act it.

Only Joking!

Talking of interest, I have to say that I have already sold over 100 pantomime tickets. Well, I haven’t got the tickets yet but I have put everyone who has called so far on my pre-order list and I will ring them in the order they are listed. The great thing about numbered seats is that you can secure it at this early stage and then forget about it until the night knowing that you will be sat where you want to sit. When you look at the typical price of anywhere between £20 and £30 for a “professional” show then ours are great value. It was heart warming to sign an autograph at Beauty and the Beast for a little child who then shouted to his mum, “Wait a minute, I just getting the autograph of somebody famous!!” I’ve been out and bought a tea-shirt, what do you think?

Aaah Bless!


~ by UMT Stage on November 22, 2010.

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