Is It Me?

Know How You Feel!

Is it just me or is everyone a little bit, slightly depressed because we’re not doing Beauty and the Beast any more? The plaudits still come in and I am still being accosted in Urmston Town Centre and whilst the high of receiving the praise is brilliant, it makes you realise that we have finished it and are now moving on. That is quite sad. I have told many people that I actually enjoyed the rehearsals for this show from the very start to the very end. Where I normally think that it is great to complete another show, I actually wanted this one to continue and maybe tour…….! Oh well, one can dream!

UMT still have not started rehearsing for the panto yet as Doreen, the Director is on holiday, but I saw the Facebook messages of the joint choreography team of Becky and Hannah who had been to the cricket club to run through some moves and they were excited. That should make you, the cast, excited and should also make you, the potential audience, excited. Actually, where are my manners? I need to welcome Becky and Hannah to the choreography team and they join a long list of excellent choreographers and dancers connected to UMT.

Knife and Spoon

Knife and Spoon

Hannah was a silly girl and Becky was one of the chorus members in Beauty and the Beast. Also Hannah was a knife and Becky was a spoon. They have been associated with UMT for probably about 10 years now having come through the ranks of the junior section as actors, singers and dancers, left for a short time for educational commitments and then returned to resume where they left off. Welcome back.

What’s in the pantomime then? I hear you ask. Well, there’s a Jack, a beanstalk, a dame, a cow, a giant….. Have you guessed which panto we’re doing? Chorus rehearsals start on Wednesday the 17th November 2010 at the Urmston Cricket Club. If you want to have a go get in touch with Jane using or simply come down on the night for a 7.30pm start.

iTunes and Body Shop Commission

By the way, I have managed to secure an account with the Body Shop and iTunes on the umt website so that we get a small commission every time you make a purchase providing you click through the link found on the UMT website when visiting the website. Every iTunes album will pay UMT about 40p and every single will pay about 5p for no extra cost to you.  It is really easy to raise funds for UMT therefore whilst you are shopping for your christmas presents. Please use them.


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