We Were Great………. Official!

Belle and Bookcase

Monday 2nd November 2010, I had to visit Sainsbury’s in Eden Square just to pick up some washing powder, washing up liquid and a box of tea bags as all my essential tasks had not been completed during show week. As I walked in the door I was stopped by a charming young lady who asked me whether I had been in the Beauty and the Beast show. She then went on to say that she thought the performance and show had been wonderful. She could not quite believe how good it was for an amateur show and she had told everybody she knew just how good it was. She ended our conversation by saying that we should all be very proud of ourselves for the effort and commitment to putting on the show. I told her about the blog and that I would put her comments on here so we welcome yet another reader of the world famous UMT blog page.

Beast in front of platform and Archway

Following this I received another glowing accolade from a stalwart of the amateur theatre who believed it was the “best show he and his guests had seen Urmston do for 30 years.” He praised to set so much believing the concept of folding doors to reveal the library whilst using revolving trucks to bolster the image was fabulous. He also thought the use of an 8 foot high platform meant that the stage was always full and interesting to look at. Coupled with the fact that there was enough action on the platform to justify it’s presence. Then he warmed to the stairs which moved in and out when required creating space but giving the impression of a grand palatial hall. Over all a brilliant concept by Lynsey Cassidy and superbly produced and erected by the back stage UMT team.

The Bookcase as a Window and Curtain

Since then we have received a number of emails and telephone calls. Never before have we had this level of follow up praise in the week after the show. In addition I can tell you that there were many return audience members who came in the early part of the week and returned later in the week because it was so good.  One email has been reproduced below for your information:

I attended the performance on the evening of 30th October and wanted to congratulate you all on a super show.  I think it is one of the most enjoyable I have seen.  The stage, scenery and costumes lived up to the great UMT standard and I thought the use of the staircase was particularly impressive. I am pleased that you were able to have microphones for the leads in the show, because it gave even more clarity to their performances.  My guest and I had a great evening and look forward to your next show. LB.

It is very warming to receive such accolades and praise. All the stress of auditioning followed by 6 months of rehearsal followed by worries that you might get a cold and not be able to sing (thanks Jakemans, you were a life saver) followed by, probably, the worst ever dress rehearsal we could have probably had. I have been in a few bad ones but this one really took the biscuit. Yet we still pulled it off. There is no rest for the behind the scenes people as we now move into pantoville and, starting the 15th November, we begin rehearsals for Jack and the Beanstalk. Stage meetings, costumes and set design/purchase all have to take place again and be ready by February 2011. Every, Monday, Wednesday and some Sundays between now and then will be populated by more Urmston Chorus-ites singing tunes from the past, both recent and otherwise, to bring you a fantastic panto in the school half term.

There is no time to rest on our laurels. We have performed a fantastic show to a high standard. Let’s keep it up.


~ by UMT Stage on November 8, 2010.

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