Ready, Steady…….

Wow! It has been a full week since the last blog post which was last Saturday and the time has absolutely flown by. In the last week we have had three full days of Pennybridge working parties to get the final bits of painting and building finished. We have had a costume call which I will come to later and we now are in the midst of, probably the biggest Get-In we have had in recent  years. Oh, and the ticket line telephone has gone ballistic. All good news though. If you want to see what a fantastic set we have built then you need to get your ticket order in soon as they are flying out of the door.


David Beckham and six pack as he might have looked if he had landed the role of Gaston in UMT's production of Beauty and the Beast


In the last week we also had the costume call which was great fun. All the costumes are stunning and nothing like I have ever seen. My own costume puts another stone of muscle on my frame and for the first time in about 10 years I have a six pack…..albeit it is stitched into the material. It’s the thought that counts. Other notable costumes were Babette’s feathery chic number which beautifully adorned Amy and the Cogsworth, Lumiere, Wardrobe, Mrs Potts and Chip quintet. Never have I heard a cast so excited by what was effectively a dressing up party on Thursday night. The chorus were colourful in the extreme and it was funny to see knives, forks, spoons and plates all running about together.

Phase Two, Three and Four.

We move into Urmston Leisure Centre or the Poolside Theatre as it is properly known. It takes three days to transform it into a workable theatre which involves an incredible amount of humping, liftng straining and swearing to get it right. Lights go in the roof and we have to piece together the set to make it look like a beasts castle. What a job it has been! Lyndsey’s ideas and her artwork together with the assistance from Steph make the set look fantastic. I actually took a picture but I have been banned from publishing it because it looks so good.


Ed and some of his fantastic Orchestra


You need to get a ticket and come and see the show! Just ring 0161 408 1288, leave a name, number of tickets, whether adult child or senior citizen, the night you want to come and  seat numbers if you check the website seating plan. So in the absence of being allowed to show you the fantastic set I have uploaded and published a picture of the band call.

Band Call


Were you walking past this afternoon and hearing a marvellous sound?


The band sounded stunning today. It is not often I get the hair standing up on the back of my neck syndrome but it happened quite a few times at band call. All my favourite instruments were there including Double Bass (favourite), Bass Clarinet (now my second favourite) which is almost as tall as the lady playing it followed by an extraordinary rendition of timpani and percussion by just one bloke. I think this is a score written for two! There were also a proper clarinet, two keyboards, a french horn and a trumpet. It was held inside the Queen’s Road Unitarian Church and anyone walking past could only marvel at the glorious sound.

So, it looks like it is all coming together at last. I am sure there will be one or two things to do over the next two days before the paying audience get to see it but I am sure you will agree it is a stunning show and not to be missed.


~ by UMT Stage on October 24, 2010.

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