Chocks Away!!


Can you tell what it is yet?

We move towards the final week before the show. A big push to get the scenery finished, the intricate items of the set are being made and the final brush strokes of the artists apply the paint from our old friends Farrow and Ball to create our wonderful library image. In addition I reproduce a picture here for you to peruse. Can you tell what it is yet? The answer to the question may or may not be at the foot of the post. For those of you too lazy to get that far, it is the rose special effect machine which we intend to create a vibrant rose into a wilting rose. If it works it could be worth the entrance fee on its own.

Director Steven Spielberg speaking at the Pent...

Steven Spielberg as he might have looked if he learnt his special effects at the Urmston Musical Theatre.

George Lucas

George Lucas as he might have looked if he learnt his special effects at the Urmston Musical Theatre.

To let you in on the secret it involves having a healthy rose in one side of the container and a wilting rose in the other. At a suitable point we turn it around. The bottom of the contraption is on a mandraulic turning wheel and the white circular contraptions are to provide bright white light to the rose to make it shine. Fantastic. Do you reckon Steven Spielberg and George Lucas learnt their profession at UMT? No expense spared. Listen guys, if you want any tips, you only have to ask!

Urmston Precinct

We had a great time in Eden Square of Urmston Precinct on Saturday, 15th October, although a strange but minor electrical problem switched the keyboard off every 10 minutes or so but only for 1 second. Weird. The microphones we were using stayed on and they were plugged into the same socket so we never got to work out what was going on. Don’t think it spoiled anything though and most of the crowd who stood and watched looked quite impressed. I operate the ticket line and I could feel my iPhone vibrating with emails telling me that people were ringing our ticket hotline of 0161 408 1288 (it is a skype number which we can share if we wish. Makes the advertising dead easy).


The highlight of the Saturday though was the fact that Matthew Kelly, his mum, Olive and brother, Robin all came to Pennybridge to have a look around and also for Matthew to record the narration.


Best my iPhone camera could do! Come to the show and see the real effect. It's magic.

We kept it secret until the last minute from the working party today so they all got a bit of a surprise. I was also surprised that he hadn’t actually been to Pennybridge before and neither had Olive or Robin considering their long standing relationship with UMT. We managed to turn all the lights out before they came in and just light the rose suspended in the glass dome. It looked fantastic and I think it captured his imagination. Unfortunately, a bad day for technology all round, means my camera struggled to capture just how beautiful the rose looked.

Rachel (of top C note singing fame) and Becky both managed to get their photo taken with Matthew which I promised to publish if I get sent a copy and we also welcome them both to the Pennybridge Working Party Hall of Fame. After the Grand Tour they were given a cup of tea, a few biscuits and pile of old UMT photo’s from the 1930’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. It was funny listening to Matthew and Robin comment on some of the characters from those years. It sounds like nothing has changed.

He is such a nice man and it is a great that we have their association with UMT and we are proud that he continues to be our President and Olive is our Honorary Vice President. Oh, and by the way, he recorded the narration for us. Great stuff.

Beauty and the Beast is being performed at thePoolside Theatre, Urmston Leisure Centre, Bowfell Road, Urmston, M41 5RRbetween Tuesday 26th October and Saturday 30th October 2010.Tickets available on 0161 408 1288 or by visiting the website at All seats are allocated upon purchase so book early and reserve your seat for this brilliant and exciting show.


~ by UMT Stage on October 16, 2010.

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