The Home Stretch

Have you got your's yet?

And so we face the week before the week before the show. This is where real panic sets in as we realise just how much we have left to do, how little time there is to do it and how few people are actually available to get it done. The saving grace is that the tickets are going well but we can always do with a few more being sold. The amount of money spent on a main show means that we are unlikely to make a profit on it even if you take into account all the show fees and membership collected throughout. Being an amateur actor is an expensive business but it really is very good fun. So let’s get out there an sell even more tickets because this show is going to be something special.

Act 2 …….Woop! Woop!

The date: 1oth October 2010. The time: 1pm. The location: Abbotsford Preparatory School, Flixton.

We completed Act 2. Not as I thought we would, in that, I expected that we would do Act 2 and then do Act 1 but we just did Act 2. We needed the time spent on it, actually, as a lot of the action takes place whilst underscored by the music and a lot of the music sounds the same. If a group are late going off then the next are late going on and you can’t do that when the script is underscored. Despite being almost spot on in the Maison Des Lunes song for weeks, we could not get it right this Sunday (We did it perfect three times on Monday night ~ I hope we haven’t peaked). Nightmare! But that’s what rehearsals are for, making mistakes or learning how to make a mistake with confidence so that an audience is not sure whether a mistake has been made or not.

We now take our performance into the centre of Urmston for a couple of 20 minute slots this coming weekend in the hope that it will generate even more publicity for the show. The songs we are doing are the chorus numbers with some principal solo bits in the middle. Believe it or not but I always get very nervous about singing in public. I can stand on stage and do it  althhough I am very nervous beforehand but out in the open air with the public watching, really scary. It is not as if they are going to mug me because I did it wrong, is it? Why not just pay a visit into Urmston at around 11am and have a look and listen.

Mixing console, 16 channels.

16 Channels eh? We only have 12

Then, hopefully on Staurday evening we will endeavour to record Matthew Kelly for the opening scene narration. He is giving a talk at St Clement’s Church on the history of Urmston on Friday (Tickets still available) and then hopefully we can get him recorded the next day. It is great that Matthew is able to do this for us as he has got to be one of the busiest blokes around and his schedule is always very tight but we have a small window of opportunity. For the geeky ones out there, once we have him recorded we then have to edit the sound to allow it to be played through a click-track because, once again, the speech is underscored. It is whether Ed, the MD, does the clicking whilst conducting or whether he signals to the sound desk for Rachel on the sound desk to click through the track.


Anita Partridge hands over a cheque for £949.57.

All in all though, we are well on the way. Props are now appearing regularly at rehearsals and also being used. Stage meetings and mini stage meetings are taking place in little corners of the room. Quietly, behind the scenes, other matters such as the delivery of our 2010 Charity cheque to the Trafford Multiple Sclerosis Centre takes place. The fantastic collection of close on £950 to this very worthy cause following the collection at the end of My Fair Lady 2009, Puss In Boots and Honk Junior. Next year’s worthy cause will be Trafford Talking News for the Blind. Please help us support them.



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