Saints Alive!

An excellent pedal but someone has taken their foot off it!!

Here we are at the point where, on Sunday at Abbotsford Preparatory School, we will be running the show, albeit Act 2 will be performed first followed by Act 1. Possibly because we have not had as much Act 2 rehearsal but also because the Act 1 rehearsal, last night, was excellent. Still room for improvement though so let’s not take our eye of the ball, our foot off the pedal or our ear to the ground. I am able to stand at the front of the rehearsal for some of the chorus numbers and it sounds brilliant. One or two fine tunings of the Act and we are good to go. Amazingly I can still hear cast members laughing at the funny bits which means, despite them being seen a dozen times already, they’re still funny. The show is getting scarily close and I am now dreaming my script. Does anyone else? If you do then leave a comment, you don’t even need your real name if you’re embarrassed. I know I was when I jumped out of bed during the early hours of one morning singing “when we’re human again, with a mademoiselle on each arm….” and I’m not even in it!

The UMT Ticket Website

Still loads going on behind the scenes. Most of the Panto is now cast. That can be left until after Beauty and the Beast. The scenery is in its final stages of painting and can then be placed in storage until we have a get in at the sports centre. Publicity photo boards are now completed and going out into the local shops together with tickets. The ticket line is ringing regularly and the online payment facility on the website is ticking over nicely. For this show we have two parties coming from Middlesbrough and one coming from Birmingham. How popular are we? It is always very nice to have a chat with people coming to the show who tell me how good previous shows have been. I particularly love the returning audience who are coming to their second or third show who have been amazed by previous performances and them explaining how their children are really excited. I know it is really the mums and dads who can’t wait, isn’t it?

Publicity is in full swing with plastic laminated posters all over the place. Local shops with paper posters springing up and the UMT website updated and other local websites primed. Newspapers informed and radio stations who are willing to give a free mention.

My Fair Lady Programme Cover 2009

The Programme is almost completed with photographs of the cast, adverts from our numerous sponsors from around Urmston and Society information, all produced on a lovely new iMac from Apple. Once it is checked by the cast to make sure their names are in it and spelt correctly followed by a final scrutiny for any spelling errors or erroneous spaces it will be off to the printers for a glossy 28 page special brochure with a colour front and back cover. Front of House staff are being recruited and we welcome Andrea as our new Front of House Manager. Can be a tough task but hopefully the numbered seats which have been allocated at purchase will smooth out any difficulties. Costumes are being measured for and props are being sourced and provided. Very often anything we don’t have can be obtained by contacting another friendly society. I suspect that all our props have been lent and borrowed to each other at some stage.

Lighting plots are currently being designed and the sound effects and radio mike plot is being prepared. This is an exciting time for the sound crew as we have moved from the old 5 channel radio microphones system to a new state-of-the-art 12 channel system. Having been the first to use it but only on 8 channels at the Junior show in May namely Honk Jr I know how good it is and how much you have to be on the ball to operate it. Top piece of kit though with loads of LED displays and flashing lights. Looks really geeky. This show has loads of sound effects which we need to provide. Particularly when I punch someone as Gaston. That button will be well used!

The Only Telephone Number you Will ever Need

So that’s more or less everything….. or is it? We really need an audience to show this to. I have to say that we always put on a very good show. Occasionally, I would say the show is a great show but this show is going to be fantastically cosmic, out of this world, brilliant, unmissable and any other superlative you may care to mention. Those not in the show but in the rehearsal room in an administrative capacity or part of the back stage/ front of house team or just a member who happens to be passing through are all raving about what they are seeing. Just make sure you don’t miss it. Tickets on sale through or by telephoning 0161 408 1288. If you have skype you can contact The Urmston Musical Theatre Tickets and speak for free.

Don’t be shy if you want to leave a message and us know what you think.


~ by UMT Stage on October 7, 2010.

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