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Characters in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Gorgeous or What?


Be Our Guest

Another great Sunday rehearsal was had by the cast of Beauty and the Beast at UMT. We managed to fine tune a couple of small points and resolve some positional matters following the withdrawal of a couple of chorus members notably through injury. Then we launched into Act 1. I have to admit to being slightly confused on at least 2 occasions, one during the Me song which is Gaston’s main tune when I started the song on completely the wrong side of the stage. I could see Director Christine scribbling furiously which meant that I was expecting a “telling off” at the end but I think she let me off because I managed to get myself back in the right position after the opening few bars. I then had to think about what I was doing and, as you all know, it is very difficult for me to think and sing at the same time.


Joe Meighan





The second time was during the Gaston Reprise when, for some unknown reason, Lefou sang one of my lines and I sang one of his. We then both forgot to dance at the appropriate moment which then meant Lefou’s comedy pirouette was not achieved. Another bout of furious scribbling by Director Christine and I knew I was for it!

As it happened, she was quite gentle with us. I think that she may have seen us in a quiet corridor practising which can often be a bit disconcerting for the patrons of Urmston Cricket, Hockey, Bowls, Tennis and Social Club who exit from the toilets to find two males singing quietly to themselves whilst dancing a waltz and they have to ask permission to get passed. I often think they are more concerned when we don’t look embarrassed.

Oooohs and Aaaaahs


Lumiere ~ Off Duty!!


For me, the best number by a mile is the Be Our Guest showstopper. There is so much going on, the singing is excellent together with the oooohs and aaaaahs sang in harmony over the melody mainly sung by Lumiere. Not to mention the the top C’s being hit by Rachel and Pamela at the very end of the song. It all works in military precision and we are now concentrating on sharp and precise movements. The bug bear now is to see whether you can do the same actions whilst dressed as a plate, knife, fork, salt or pepper pot, etc, etc, etc. Fortunately for me, I can stand at the side with my book watching the performance and helping to sing the harmonies which, if you have read the Be Our Guest post of August 17th 2010, you will be relieved to find out that I am no longer tormenting those animals in the Urmston area who are able to hear sounds outside the range of the human ear.

Lumiere and Cogsworth even now, having seen them dozens of times, deliver their script with a soupçon of nuance which is extremely funny and still makes me and others laugh. Their antics and their physical presence seem to complement each other and it shows in their interaction.

And so to Act 2….


Eric Morecambe

Eric Morecambe as he might have looked if he had appeared in our 1977 production of Oklahoma


Well we managed to get the whole of Act 2 run on Monday night and considering it was our first time it went pretty well. Once again we really need some fine tuning and positional input but everything was said and sung  and we got to the end. Quoting the immortal Eric Morecambe (but using my own slant), we said all the right words but not necessarily in the right order. For the first time I beat up the Beast and he threw me off the castle wall to my death. Charming!! The battle scene was extremely complicated but very interesting and entertaining. The main thing is that we got from the start of it to the end of it, a job well done. All of the other cast members who had previously been dressed in their imaginary kitchen utensil costumes got to play themselves as real human beings.

No time for complacency though. A full cast rehearsal again on Wednesday, once again back to Act 1 with the opportunity to go over anything we get stuck on. All the mistakes from Sunday will now, hopefully, be ironed out and we will have a mistake free performance. No pressure there then.

Come and see our show. It’s gonna be great!!!!!!!!


~ by UMT Stage on October 5, 2010.

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