What Happened?

Bacon Sarnie Yummy!

Something went on today! A working party started at 10am at Pennybridge and we had loads of work to do. Then, after 4 hours or so of concerted effort, we realised that we have probably broken the back of most of the stage building. Funny how many decisions are made over a bacon sarnie. Brown sauce must contain some element conducive to deep and thoughtful thinking. Anyway, we have now realised we are getting close to completion. Can’t wait to see it all on stage. Just need a little bit more painting.

And so to the long list of helpers who have come to Pennybridge  we welcome Matt. Matt or Cogsworth as he is more commonly known in this show got stuck in and helped us to complete flat 4 of 5 nobly assisted by the excellent Ian. Once we had completed flat 4 of 5 we then ate a hearty feast.

Luvverly Smoke Rings

Immediately following this we tried to create a large smoke ring in our “invention” which, if you know your Beauty and the Beast, is a stage prop for Maurice played by John Walker. How hard can a smoke ring be? Dead hard was the cry! We suffered from a transmission coefficient in the end. I knew that all my years learning physics was for a legitimate purpose and Transmission Coefficient was the reason. Now I expect that you all know what I am talking about so this is for any numpties out there who don’t know what a transmission coefficient is.

Transmission Co-Efficient. Obvious innit!

A transmission coefficient describes either the amplitude or the intensity of a transmitted wave relative to an incident wave. What? You mean you still don’t understand, here goes, an electromagnetic (or any other) wave experiences partial transmittance and partial reflectance when the medium through which it travels suddenly changes.

The wave we refer to was a gust of air sufficient to force some smoke out of the top of the chimney in such a manner that a smoke ring is produced. It didn’t work because every time we created a gust the device created and opposite thrust in returning to its original position. Effectively, we created the perfect machine to blow and suck at the same time and as soon as the smoke ring appeared, the device sucked it back into the “invention.” Wonder if James Dyson reads this blog? Soon we will all be multi millionaires and building a theatre in Urmston.


~ by UMT Stage on September 26, 2010.

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  1. I shall add that information to the “must know before I die pile!!!!”

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