Mondays are Fundays

The famous ballroom dance sequence.

Beauty and the Beast

Another great rehearsal Monday night! The production team decided it would be a good plan for us to go through all the chorus numbers for Beauty and the Beast and, as a result, what a great time was had by all. Choreographer, Louise, returned to the fray fortified by a Jakemans original Menthol Sweet supplied by yours truly and put us through our paces. I have to say she looked poorly when she walked in, but after the Jakemans and one of the best rehearsals we have had she went home looking like she had a warm glow. There were still a few missing through the UMT Flu and holidays but you probably would not have noticed.

The first song was Belle. It was completely run through and then the fine tuning started. A little pose here,and a slight change of position there. What I really liked was the fact that almost right was not good enough and at one point Louise and Christine made the chorus do it right….”Too slow” was the cry, “Do it again!” Thrice, thrice and thrice again but they did it. Sounds like torture but it wasn’t. If you come to see a show you may be amazed at the power of a lean. A simple move but how effective. Look out for it. Christine made a few changes to positions but just to accomodate the groups of chorus knowing where the lighting, scenery and special effects, yes special effects, will occur.


Next we did Gaston. A good hearty time was had by all as we were told that the point of the scene is we become more and more drunk as we drank and sang. Typecast or what? We have had plenty of practice at this both on and off stage. The problem for me is that I don’t get to watch what goes on in this and I recently saw some photographs of the people behind me which allowed me to see the various faces and poses adopted. But last night I cheated a little and watched from my position at the front of the stage. It just gets better and better.


The third song was Be Our Guest which is one of the more famous songs from the show. I am not in this one so I can sit out and watch it from the front. And what a song. Every time the chorus did it I saw something different. The dancing is so lively, the movement is so slick and the singing, including the harmonies, sound brilliant. Other than a couple of occasions where the chorus forgot to come off their note (You must really watch Ed) the singing was brilliant. In fact, Louise only had a few small points to raise at the end of the first attempt. At the end of the second attempt, I think she was genuinely impressed and she said so. We just need to be confident and look like we are enjoying it.

The Beast bullies Cogsworth!!!! Naughty Beast!

Finally, we did the Mob Song. Wow, got to say I thought we did it really well. It helps when you have a person who can sing a descant over the top of all the other singing. I think it is going to knock the spots off some of the audience and entertain into the bargain. If you come to see it, you will see the specially constructed walkway where we go into the audience to play the mob. Downside is though, need to make sure I know all the words and sing them in the right order. Gosh, multi-tasking again!

Tickets are now on sale and the phone line is hotting up. Get in touch by email or telephone through the website to book and secure your seats.


~ by UMT Stage on September 22, 2010.

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