May the Flu be with you….!

Is this the source of Man Flu? Do you know this man?

Another weekend closer to the show and another interesting rehearsal. Today’s effort was decimated by a dose of flu/heavy cold which has swept through the cast and left us a little thin on the ground. That said, we did Human Again and it sounded very good. Plenty of harmony and for once the ladies don’t get to sing it. To those in the know we have a cast member singing the descant and I think she does it by looking at the little blobs on the page and pitching from them. How cool. It is better that we start passing the flu bug round now at this early stage rather than show week.

Cover of

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We started by going through the twiddly bit of the Belle song which involves various people singing a couple words in a manner which appears completely random. For instance I sing a few times such words as “Pardon”, “‘Scuse me” and then “Please let me through”. I know that Yvonne sings “Bonjour” before my “Pardon” and then I need to hear “One pound” from Daniel before I come back in with “Scuse me”. Confusing??? I’ll say and although it does not seem to have a rhythm I tried to count it today and itworked. Therefore I randomly sang my phrases in the twiddly bit but so random that they were actually in time. Then Ed, the MD, threw in a “Madam’s mistaken” for the men. Where did that come from? It is there and will now be sung but don’t be surprised if you only get the “…..mistaken” bit coming out. Trouble is that it sounds so good often I miss singing my bit because I am listen to the other singing so well.

Pennybridge was also a bit of a hit on Saturday as we got another flat finished and took a further flat to the point that only the highlighting is required which should take all of 10 minutes so we can consider that we have four out of the five flats finished and now in storage. Maurice’s invention is now electrified and a 12 volt battery connected through the appropriate wiring showed us all what it looked like when animated. Not bad but the smoke ring blower failed to provide us with smoke rings, instead it just smoked. This looked alright but smoke rings would look ace. Pamela was impressed at the amount of smoke a piece of corrugated cardboard gives off in our attempt to blow smoke rings electronically out of the invention. Amazing what you learn at the Pennybridge Campus of Knowledge.

It’s Panto Time

Jack and the Beanstalk 2011

Believe it or not but we begin preparation for our February 2011 Panto, Jack and the Beanstalk. Our yearly traditional offering our merriment and mirth where men dress as women, women dress as men, the principal boy is a girl and the baddie is, well, a baddie and always gets a come-uppance. I like pantomimes because they are fun. They are not serious and often evolve as the rehearsals progress. We see the return of Doreen Cockshott to the fray as Director with the introduction of Neil Ravenscroft as MD. The auditions will be in just over a week’s time and the cast will be chosen. It has to be this early to make the plans for the production. As with many amateur societies we are always short of men (that is not we are always looking for short men!!) and this year is no exception. We pack the rafters with audience at our panto’s so it is a great experience for all.


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