Hot Lemsips, Anyone?

Jakemans Original

Jakemans Blueberry

I missed last night’s rehearsal due to a heavy cold and as I write I feel like death warmed up. I will be back on the mend soon but it is the tickly coughing fits which are really doing for me. There is nothing remotely qualitative about coughing your way through the Mob Song. It is hard enough to breathe and sing

Jakemans Cherry

Jakemans Honey and Lemon

when your lungs are healthy without putting further strain on them with a heavy cold. I know there were others missing so it looks like we have spread it around the cast. Aren’t we generous!? Having said that, it is better to get it this week than show week and the rapidly diminishing stock of Jakemans Menthol Sweets is testament to the recovery I hope to make very soon. So in an effort to my fellow suffering cast members and those about to be afflicted I have now sourced the fact that there are 5 varieties of Jakemans although I can only find 4 photographs. My personal favourite is the Blueberry because it taste’s like an intense Tune (Remember them?).

Daniel Ceremonially presented with Publicity Posters

Have you noticed the publicity? The advertising boards and posters in shop windows have suddenly sprung up all over the place around Urmston and Flixton and the ticket line has received its first telephone order and also its first online order through the website. Our advertising team is headed by Daniel who can be seen here being ceremonially presented with the advertising leaflets by Jane. No trumpet fanfare and quite a lot of effort goes into publicity so it is another job which needs to be appreciated in the day to day behind the scenes at UMT.

Beauty and the Beast is being performed at the Poolside Theatre, Urmston Leisure Centre, Bowfell Road, Urmston, M41 5RR between Tuesday 26th October and Saturday 30th October 2010. Tickets available on 0161 408 1288 or by visiting the website at All seats are allocated upon purchase so book early and reserve your seat for this brilliant and exciting show.


~ by UMT Stage on September 14, 2010.

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