A Rare Turn Out

What a great day at Pennybridge. A rare turn out indeed which resulted in a major part of the remaining work being completed and a major dent being put in the work still outstanding. The stage scenery is beginning to take shape and the flats are now being completed. There were 11 of us today. Our number included, in order of appearance, Me, Alan, Peter, Jim, Ian, Jack, James, Andrew, Helene, Barbara, Danni, and finally Chris. Although, Chris came to introduce herself to us as a recent volunteer and much welcome helper.

How to Draw a Gargoyle's Head!

It all started quite slowly at 10am with a general tidy up to create a bit of space. Suddenly there was a rush and Peter arrived and he was able to put some highlights onto one of the flats and then complete a gargoyle on another. What else do you get done with 11 helpers? Well, you also get another 12 foot flat finished and stored. You get another eight 8 foot by 4 foot flats painted, detailed and highlighted. You also get another 12 foot flat detailed. Notice in the picture that the prison door now actually looks like a prison door with bars and stuff.

Jim Gets to Grips with The Tea Trolley

Thanks to Jim we managed to get the tea trolley reduced in size and what an expert job it was. It was meticulously taken apart. A portion of it was cut out and then it was meticulously put back together again. And what a difference to the manageability. We just need a hole to slot a small child through, a couple of handles and “Bob’s your uncle.” as the phrase goes.

So we then moved into a phase never before seen at the UMT stage building extravaganza at Pennybridge. There were so many people present we wondered whether our promise, no our guarantee, to supply free bacon and sausages would actually be defeated. Alan took up the mantle and began the cooking of the food with a number of pasties in close proximity should we be forced to admit defeat.

The Beginning of the Bacon and Sausage Miracle

Like a famous parable, the bacon seemed to be never ending and the sausages seemed to multiply before our eyes. Soon there was enough for everyone and then a little bit left over. We even managed to turn a rasher of bacon and one sausage into a vegetarian meal….some say it was a miracle, others realise it was just typical UMT.

Barbara and a Highlight

So I think a good day was had by all. Barbara managed to complete the highlighting of the 8 stone flats and Danni not only helped but also finished off the cracks in the brickwork. Helene and Ian combined their talents to complete the second of our five 12 foot flats.

Danny finds an interesting piece of Fluff attached to a Cobweb.

It has been noted that Danni has been somewhat of a stalwart at Pennybridge but is off to Uni soon so will be sadly missed. I’m sure that if she is able she will be most welcome to pick up a paintbrush and climb a scaffold for any future set builds. Here’s hoping it won’t be too long before we see her finding another bit of interesting fluff.

Finally we have to express our thanks to Jack, Helen and James. Jack has been to a few of these events and has provided some expert assistance and can be relied upon to complete a task with minimum supervision. Helen and James have paid their first visit to the Pennybridge stage build and got stuck in. It is creditable that they completed a number of tasks before we had to shut up shop.

Jack and James (Could almost be a film title)

How to Paint a Flat

The tale of the UMT Stage Working Parties continue and tomorrow most of us will be at a rehearsal, our first Sunday rehearsal. Can’t wait. Do you think it looks like fun, well it really is. A lot of effort goes into these shows both on and off stage and a lot of work is done behind the scenes. Hence, we welcome Chris to the party. She has emailed in and came to see what we were all about. At first I don’t think she could believe the scale of the operation but she is coming to watch a rehearsal and meet everyone tomorrow. Hopefully she will join in our excellent Pennybridge Stage Building parties. Why don’t you join us?


~ by UMT Stage on September 11, 2010.

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