Act One

Well We Did It!

Heroes and Heroines

We actually got through one and a half Act 1’s Monday night. Fantastic. The chorus did very well and managed to do a half decent job. I was impressed and could hear quite a lot of the harmonies that often disappear once you get moving on the floor. But, boy, was it energetic! I felt like I was just on the wrong side of heavy breathing for most of last night and actually perspired enough to have to mop my brow. I know I am one of the people who regularly takes excercise so there must have been quite a few others in the same boat. I also noted that there isn’t a lot of chorus chatter between songs, probably because they are all knackered.

The stand out bits of the night for me were many. The movement in the opening number together with the singing is fast moving and interesting. It will have you on the edge of your seats. It is one of those numbers which you will see different things each time you came to see the show. The top C soprano’s at the end of Be Our Guest still send a shiver down my spine and Rachel’s vocal at that point is powerful and unexpected. To my ear though, it sounds pitch perfect but it seems incongruous to have such an enormous voice in such a petite frame. Glad she can hit that note though. Peter sang the Beast’s song for the first time in the presence of the chorus and he did a brill job even though he says he was nervous. His Beast voice is both scary and tragic which goes towards creating the tension between him and Belle.

Hats also off to the Dancers who stepped up to the plate at the rehearsal and special thanks to the Flixton Academy of Performing Arts for providing a number of dancers to fill in recent vacancies we have had. They were put through their paces and they seemed to come up with the goods. I hoped they and their mums liked what they saw whilst they were waiting to audition and we can’t wait for them to join us in the show.

Oooh Lah Lah!!!!!

Lumiere, Cogsworth and Babette were spot on. Babette got the most laughs of the night with her flighty, French, fanciful behaviour and Lumiere’s timing with Cogsworth added to the fun and laughter. If you know the script, Lumiere’s “Aaah Veronique” had everyone laughing each time he did it. Mrs Potts, Chip and Wardrobe had their moments and continued the high performance standard. My sidekick, Lefou, complemented the brilliant Gaston (What’s the point in writing the blog if I don’t blow my own trumpet?) although we both forgot what we were supposed to do in the Gaston Reprise. That was remedied by a quick visit to the corridor outside the rehearsal room where we consulted our notes.

A Lovely Cup of Tea

One thing that I have to mention though is the behind the scenes effort that went on. Jane was present taking cast photo’s for the publicity and the show programme. Eileen came to show off even more expertly acquired props. She even asked me what a dog legged clencher was and I was able to tell her. Anita took control of the auditionee dancers and spoke with them about what to expect and Pam was present taking the register and the rehearsal fee. Altogether it was a hectic evening but very worthwhile. I have to say that this is shaping up into a show which is not to be missed. Tickets on sale soon at £10 adults and £8 concessions. See our website for full details.

Coming soon: Meet the production team


~ by UMT Stage on September 9, 2010.

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