One Step at a Time

One Down…

We got a flat finished today. Maybe it will need a little touching up (oooer missus!) when we get to put it up at the theatre but I have to say it looks great. The particular flat we managed to get done is an old castle brick wall on one side and a window on the other. We managed to get it outside in the open air in daylight for a piccy to be taken so here goes:

Hey, that looks like a castle wall!

Now it looks like a window!

Don’t they look great? The first of six designed, created, and constructed by members of the Urmston Musical Theatre. Now to get back to work on the other five which will include library books, a curtained window and large castle doors. Sometimes I wonder where we get the ideas and the technical talent from. Congratulations has to go to Lynsey for her inventiveness and foresight and to those, you know who you are, who have come down to help build, paint and detail the flats. However, we cannot get complacent. We could always do with a bit more help. Just contact Andy.

The things we do for Art

Remember that joke about the bloke who goes to audition on a Friday for a job in the theatre playing Long John Silver. He gets told he is successful and that he starts Tuesday on £100,000 per day. He says, “For £100k a day I’ll be glad to Start Monday,” only to be told:

“You be in hospital Monday having yer leg off!!!!”

Hiya Chip

Well, we have a great little actress playing Chip. Most of the show the audience will see her like this. You need to note that Jemima who is playing Chip in the show does have a body to go with her head and the fact that you cannot see in in this photo is because of an expertly created optical illusion. The most important thing today was to check whether Jemima would fit into our tea trolley made expertly by Andy. The common thought was that the trolley was going to be too big and that we would only be able to see the top of Jemima’s head. As you can see in our carefully staged re-construction we can actually see as much of Jemima as we need to see. So now we have the confidence to proceed although we will probably have to reduce to length of the trolley by about a quarter. Oh and put some handles on it for Mrs Potts.

Hard at Work

Anyhow, thanks to the Danni for painting again today. Without her and others we would not be as advanced in the stage build as we seem to be, considering next Sunday is the start of Sunday rehearsals. Gosh, its beginning to get scary and it is about now when I start to dream the songs invariably waking up a couple of times a night singing the chorus to one of the show tunes. Let’s hope that I wake up singing one of my own this time. It’s always annoying when you dream learn a song that you don’t actually sing and you end up singing it all day long. Aaaaaagh!


~ by UMT Stage on September 5, 2010.

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