My Fellow Learners Andy at the top and Alan half way up

Today I had the joys of learning to put up a scaffold tower and it was dead good. It is always interesting to note that you often believe that you know more than you actually do and when you get to know what you thought you did it is actually a very pleasing experience to be informed and educated to a higher level than when you first embarked on the learning.

In other words, it was a course that taught me a great deal and the experience of erecting a 4.2 metre platform height scaffold giving a 6.2 working height complete with guard rails at 950 millimetres height and with gaps of no more that 470 millimetres at each platform level (my iPod says 13.77953 feet, 20.34121 feet, 3.116798 feet and 1.541995 feet respectively). Making sure that the cross braces were fitted in the appropriate positions, the tower was level, the outriggers were in the right place and the access platforms were of the correct type in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and then we took it all down again. This means that I am now a scaffolding geek and I can, at a glance, tell if a scaffold is properly erected. There was also a proper examination at the end, not one of those where you get given the answers but a real test which meant that we had to listen throughout the day to the classroom input.

Note the safety equipment now required including the hard hat and safety boots. The boots worn by Alan were extremely shiny and needed sunglasses to be able to operate safely as when the sun caught them at a particular angle it was like the Bond movie, Goldfinger, with a laser beam shaft of light that nearly took your eye out.

You should try it for yourself if you want to erect scaffold. We now require these certificates to be able to erect the tower inside the theatre and we actually get asked for our ID certificates which will come in the post in the next three weeks. I do hope so because the show is on in about 6 weeks. Still loads to do and painting to be done so the scaffolding course was a welcome diversion and I passed, YAY!! Oh, PASMA, is the industry standard now for scaffolding towers.

Anyway, back to the Beauty and the Beast script. I must ensure that I have nailed down the Maison Des Lunes song before next Monday because it is different to the iTunes version I have downloaded. Have I told you how miffed I am at that? Probably!


~ by UMT Stage on August 31, 2010.

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