And then there were five….

Typical Paintbrush and Typical Brush Action

Another working party came and went at Pennybridge over the weekend but not much happened. It was all pretty much the same task over and over but there was plenty of light hearted chat and banter and some tales of the past regaled. The strains of Rock FM accompanied the beavering away throughout the afternoon and there was still time to get home early enough for the Rugby League Challenge Cup final followed by a convincing Man Utd victory over West Ham. Actually, thinking about it, quite a lot did happen. There was a lot of painting of the large flats and drawing on of brickwork and then detail marking up. A bit of tidying up, moving of the tables and, hey presto, a good job well done as it turned out. A big step towards this mammoth set build being undertaken by the UMT stage team and their helpers. As Pamela remarked during the afternoon, just as much fun can be had building the set as you can prancing about on the stage which means you can get twice the fun for just the one membership. Come and try it?

Typical Modern Brickwork not like the set brickwork

I mentioned Steph on a previous post and she finished off one of the flats making it look like an archway window. Brilliant! It looks fantastic and is going to look even better when we get on stage. Much of the brickwork and scrolly type drawings are now complete and we move into the next phase of construction involving flats now designed to look like a fountain on one side and a house of the other together with a tea trolley big enough to house a small child and also a large bar table capable of withstanding a 16 stone Gaston…..Me! Therefore it is quite important that it does not fall apart and rather than looking like the manly hero, I end looking ridiculous. TYpecast or what?

Typical Cup of Tea-Milk and two sugars stirred anti clockwise

So, yesterday, the thanks went to Ian and Pamela and also to Dave who had his first experience of the famous UMT wobbly scaffolding towers. They got stuck into the task and we managed to get a number of the flats completed. Probably only need a little touch up and they can be safely stored away until October. What was their payment? Well, it boiled down to a few hot drinks each of the finest tea and coffee and a bacon/sausage/egg combo purchased from Roger, the local butty van, partly because we forgot to bring our own rations.

Typical Tallescope

Pennybridge weather was atrocious by changing between bright hot sunshine and monsoon downpours so we were unable to move any of the completed equipment out into the storage units. That and the fact that they are also full of old equipment, scenery and general theatre detritus which has seen better days including a container which is labelled “Bits of Wood Too Small to be of any Use.” What do we need a tallescope for anyway? The general opinion is that we weigh it in for scrap as aluminium prices are better than the value of the tallescope.

Only 56 days, 8 hours, 11 minutes and 20seconds left before the show starts and counting. So we will need plenty more of these fun filled working parties.

Typical Working Party


~ by UMT Stage on August 29, 2010.

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