Off Book

Wow and I mean WOW!

Representative Chorus Image

Well! It was interesting last night to sing The Mob Song for the first time. There are some high notes in it which are quite a challenge but I felt it went ok. There was a bit where the music seemed to be completely at odds to the bit I was singing but I appeared to stay in tune. However, I’ve got to say how wonderful the women sounded. The harmonies by the alto and soprano sections were glorious especially one tricky little harmony in the middle for the altos which sounded horrible when they did it on their own but beautiful when sang with the sopranos. You know those moments when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? Well I had one of those moments.

The only other time I can recollect having a similar moment was when I first heard Subo sing. Similar feeling in that I really did not expect it to sound so good, but it really did. I have to tell you that this one harmony is probably worth the entrance fee on its own if the chorus ladies hit it again. And, guess what? We have loads and loads of these harmonies in the show and when you throw the small but finely honed men into the mix the effect was spell-binding. Not to be missed.

A lovely big top C

For example, the end of Be Our Guest requires at least one lady to be able to hit a Top C note and, oh boy, it is hit with relish. It was warming to hear one of the cast state that she was going to tell her mates that it was her that actually hit the note so they would be dead impressed even though she can’t get anywhere near it by her own admission. If you come to the show listen out for it, it will blow you away.

Off Book

Another interesting point in singing The Mob Song is that if you don’t breathe in the right place you faint!! Had a couple of those flashing lights/shooting stars moments that usually precede a sudden and rapid trip to the deck and resolved to make sure I mark my music up with places where I should breathe. After all I want to be able to see the dancing! Need to do it now otherwise I will forget to do it show night when I get excited and no-one pays their money to watch a big galoot drop to the floor unless it is pantomine, of course.

A lovely Panto Chorus Picture

At least I am off book, or thought I was until the recent playing of the Maison Des Lunes song. Should I sue because the iTune I have downloaded has a different version which means that I have learned a song that I now need to unlearn in order to learn it again with different lyrics, different sections to be sung by different characters, apparently? There’s no point in crying over a burning bush (is that right?) so I might as well get off to the gym and take my script with me.

Oh by the way, don’t be shy if you wish to comment. All feedback is welcomed and it would be nice to be bookmarked or added to your favourites.


~ by UMT Stage on August 24, 2010.

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