Painting Party

Lynsey at work

I love the painters or should I say artists who come to UMT Pennybridge to turn what was once a block of finely tuned and engineered plywood and timber into a realistic piece of stage equipment. I always marvel at the talent of the artists we have associated with UMT. They are brill.

The first is the set designer, Lynsey, a former junior member, dancer, actress, singer and now adult member. She is a recently qualified set designer and she has come up with most of the ideas. She created a model to scale and showed us all. Normally people like me have difficulties picturing the likely result but I must admit that I didn’t on this occasion. 6 large wooden flats measuring 7ft wide (2.1336 metres) by 12ft high (3.6576 metres) all now being painted with various designs ranging from windows and frames to stonework and library books. It is fantastic! Even Rolf Harris would be impressed. Then we have the castle doors which look very impressive and are featured in the Lynsey at work photo. They should be impressive as they are also very heavy.

First it's a wall

Now it's a door

Now it's a bookcase (imagination required)

Not to mention the hinged 8ft (2.4384 metres) by 4ft (1.2192 metres) flats covering the bridge underneath which the castle steps disappear which miraculously turn from stonework to a dungeon to books. A fantastic feat of engineering work and effort and as the finished article approaches it is getting dead exciting! Thanks to my iPhone app for the conversion of feet to metres, what would I do without you?

Real Door and Nails or What?

Secondly we welcome Steph who is also a long time member, actor, dancer and singer of some talent. Steph has painted scenery for us before and I remember in last year’s panto she painted a door with nails of such quality that from a distance of 30 ft (9.144 metres) I refused to believe that the door was anything other than real. What a talent! Mine is limited to a couple of coats of emulsion using a roller or paint pad followed by an ability to sit and watch the others at work and to “try and guess what it is yet.”

Thought: I often wonder why my attempts at an Australian accent always make me sound like I am Welsh, yet my attempts at a Welsh accent make me sound like I work at my local Indian restaurant!! May be that will be the subject of a future blog post when we do a show like Brigadoon, Oklahoma! or similar.

Having said all this we would love to welcome even more artists and scenery painters. Most of the heavy work has been done other than lifting the flats around but we could do with those little touches to the scenery which gves the picture warmth and depth. I don’t know how you do it but I know it works. Lynsey will leave nice instructions for us to follow and we can provide bacon and sausage butties and copious amounts of tea and coffee.

Just in case you fancy it then you need to speak to Andy who looks a bit like this. You don’t have to jump about on stage to have a good time, you know.

Next blog is likely to be about the actors, methinks. Partly, because I am one of them as well as set building but also because the show looks pretty damn good so far. Not one to be missed.


~ by UMT Stage on August 20, 2010.

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