Be Our Guest

It’s like this. Be Our Guest is a song in the show Beauty and the Beast (hereinafter referred to as BATB). It has loads of harmonies which makes it sound beautiful. The best way to learn a harmony is to simply learn your own tune and no other, in particular, not the melody otherwise you sound like I did last night. That’s right, a bag of spanners.

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What happened? I’m not in the song, actually, but I am learning it to bolster the ranks of male chorus performers in what is effectively one of the signature tunes of the show. I know the men’s harmonies because I visited Ed Nurse’s website to download the tunes and listen to them. I am spot on when I am singing the male chorus tune during a practice. But for some reason my tenor/baritone voice has been replaced by some unusual vari-vocal emanation which frightens me let alone any stray cat that may have wandered past. It’s not as if I am actually dancing whilst I sing as I know men cannot multi-task. (“Wot! You mean move while I am actually singing!!”)

Oooerr! What do I do? I have now rehearsed using Ed’s tunes and I am, once again, perfect. ( I should say as “perfect” as my limited talent allows me to be).

So, I have to apologise to the residents of Urmston, Flixton and Davyhulme for last night. I have no doubt that a number of pets suddenly, for no apparent reason, began to howl uncontrollably like demented banshees between 7.30pm and about 8.45pm. If they did then this missive will go some way to explaining why it happened.

I have decided to blame a brief but significant dose of man-flu or some other potentially fatal disease suffered by your’s truly which has now been cured by a Jakemans special menthol mint offering purchased from a local chemist in an emergency and sucked as required to soothe the throat. (Boots actually do three different flavours!). I will try my very hardest to ensure it does not happen again.

P.S. I need to say BATB will be performed in October at the Poolside Theatre in Urmston and will be an excellent show. This now justifies the use of the word hereinafter which is one of my favourite words of all time.


~ by UMT Stage on August 17, 2010.

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  1. […] with my book watching the performance and helping to sing the harmonies which, if you have read the Be Our Guest post of August 17th 2010, you will be relieved to find out that I am no longer tormenting those […]

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