Pennybridge Calling

The trials and tribulations of a 99 year old Amateur theatre continue. This post is dedicated to the commitment and dedication to those who help to put on these shows. Without this behind the scenes effort we would have nothing to put on stage. Thank You.

Previous Working Party

This weekend there will be a Pennybridge working party to continue the massive task of getting our scenery for the October performance of Beauty and the Beast ready. All welcome. There will be bacon and sausage butties available for consumption and copious amounts of tea and coffee. In particular we need artists of all standard. Mucho paintingo to be done of various, now constructed, scenery items.

The dedicated will be there from about 10am and will leave around 5pm. The stairs which featured in the previous post are now painted and marked up, dismantled and in storage ready for the show. We now have to attack eight 8ft by 4ft flats and some 7ft by 12ft archways. Will it ever be done?

Oh, and then there were props. A blunderbus? Chair with stag horns? Goggles with a silly tin hat and torch?A dog legged clencher?????? Although, sadly, I do actually know what one of them is!!

The next instalment probably after the working party. The show will be October 26th to October 30th 2010 at the Poolside Theatre, Urmston Leisure Centre, Bowfell Road, Urmston, M41 5RR.


~ by UMT Stage on August 13, 2010.

One Response to “Pennybridge Calling”

  1. Did you manage to get the PAT testing done? We don’t want anything going *BANG* during the week. Except, the blunderbus, when it is supposed to, I suppose.

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